Server Restarts in September

Due to the ending support for CentOS 7 which is scheduled for the end of June 2024 we're overhauling the physical machines (hypervisors) of our cloud infrastructure and migrating them to RockyLinux. This change necessitates the need for reboots on all virtual machines so that we can deploy them on a freshly installed hypervisor. The restarts of ... Read More »

15th Sep 2023
Uptime and Firewall Report to September 2022

The reported uptime for all servers has been stable for the last 12 months rolling.

  • Europe (99.9998% uptime)
  • US (99.9992% uptime)

We will continue to use the very best data centres, and these results are above the industry standard.

Our firewall blocked 78.2 million attacks in the same period.

27th Sep 2022
Server Upgrade 25th July

In keeping with my business model, whereby hosting income is continually reinvested to provide a better service, I am sending this message to notify you about the upgrade of your server that is going to be implemented in order to increase the speed of web sites, the reliability and your hosting experience as a whole. I am going to migrate your ... Read More »

19th Jul 2022
Router Restart Monday 3 AM GMT/Sunday at 9 PM CST.

Restarted one of the routers in the Europe datacenter which could have resulted in a few minutes of network interruption. The restart was required for network changes to be applied in order to increase the performance and reliability of the network. 

I apologize for the minor service interruption.

20th Feb 2022
Network Updates

This message is to notify you about a major network upgrade we are going to perform. As mentioned previously, we are upgrading core network equipment again and increasing connectivity to multiple reliable high level connections to various upstream ISP's, the fastest available online today.The upgrade will happen in two steps. The first step will ... Read More »

6th Feb 2022
Improvements in store for 2017..

Just a quick note to all of my clients to firstly wish you a Happy New Year, and also to let you know what's in store for 2017.Firstly, it's my intention to make this year as great as possible for my clients, with a much more dedicated service to each of you.  I'm very aware that I often take on far more than I can often handle, so after the ... Read More »

1st Feb 2017
Hosting Upgrade & Future Plans

If you can read this, this is just a small announcement to let you know you'll shortly be receiving another free hosting upgrade.  This will not affect any of your existing services, nor will you need to do anything or change any details your end.  The upgrade will be made server side on 1st November and the switch over will be instant.As the ... Read More »

31st Oct 2016
Thank you for choosing

Thank you for choosing my hosting or domain services.  This client area will house everything to do with your website in one place, and I am just putting the finishing touches to it.

I apologise for the time this has taken, but with such a large clientbase it was far more work than anticipated.

Thank you once again.



14th Jun 2016

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