If you can read this, this is just a small announcement to let you know you'll shortly be receiving another free hosting upgrade.  This will not affect any of your existing services, nor will you need to do anything or change any details your end.  The upgrade will be made server side on 1st November and the switch over will be instant.

As the number of sites hosted on this platform grows, the income generated from the hosting will be injected straight back into the hosting platform.  My aim is to provide a hosting platform that is:

1.  As fast as anything currently available elsewhere

2.  As reliable as anything available elsewhere

3.  As powerful as hosting services that are ten times the price.

It's an ambitious project, but it's slowly coming to fruition and has been since 2009.

Past upgrades have included a migration to cloud hosting, upgrading to the very best SSD drives on the market, upgrading the processors and RAM to extremely high spec. and upgrading the network speed to 100mb/s, and I will continue in the same way moving forwards.  The upgrades have seen a very small increase in hosting fees (prices are on average £2 per month more than they were in 2009), but for reference, a comparable Entry level package elsewhere currently costs FIVE TIMES more.   


Future plans include 24/7 live support, but this comes at a hefty price, so I'm waiting until I am in a position to offset the cost.  Again for reference, currently support is contracted to fix any reported problems (or at least be on site to fix them) within 15 minutes.

Thanks again for choosing my hosting.

Kindest regards

Monday, October 31, 2016

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